tips for looking after the environment


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Thanks to everyone who donated so much food to the local Stoke-on-Trent Foodbank, our donation was much appreciated! Find out more about the work of the Foodbank here. Please remember our food collection point in the Church hall as we enter the winter season.



Use public transport, cycle or walk where you can

Consider car sharing or becoming a one-car household

When you come to replace your car, consider environmentally friendly options

Offset carbon emissions - through charities such as TreeAid


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Choose a Green energy supplier for your domestic use see here for more information

Completely turn off equipment like TVs and stereos when you're not using them

Choose energy-efficient appliances and light bulbs

Save water: for example turn off the tap when you are brushing your teeth

Let clothes dry naturally rather than using a tumble dryer

Use rechargeable batteries

Send electronic greetings over email, instead of paper cards

Following our Harvest 2019 service based on the theme of the environment, this page offers tips and links to website which offer loads of information and advice on small and simple changes you can make.

Church members Alison and Natalie share some of the simple things they are doing to reduce their impact on the environment.

reduce, reuse, recycle!

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Shop in Charity shops or do clothes swaps

Buy second hand items through online communities:

Facebook Marketplace



Find alternative uses for things you own



Check out the city council website for details on how to recycle household waste however it’s often worth doing some extra research online for things they won’t recycle which other places will take instead. For example:

Used Batteries – Co-Op

Crisp Packets – collection point in the church hall

Clothes and Fabric – H&M or charity shops

Printer Ink Cartridges – collection point in the church hall

Plastic bags and wrapping – Morrisons or other bag recycling points

change your diet

red meat.jpg

Consider reducing the amount of red meat you eat as food production significantly impacts the environment - more information here. For tips on how to do this, see here. It also has health benefits too!

Anything else?

Consider writing to politicians or corporations and lobbying them to make changes. Join campaigns and sign petitions to see change!

say no to plastic

dirty beach.jpg


Plastic soap dispenser replaced with a soap bar

Moisturiser in plastic squeezable tube replaced with a bar

Shampoo and conditioner in plastic bottles replaced with a bar and vinegar spray

Toothpaste in plastic tube replaced with paste in a glass jar

Plastic toothbrush replaced with bamboo toothbrush

Plastic shaver replaced with a subscription metal shaver with recyclable blades

Shaving gel in a can replaced with a bar

Plastic deodorant roller replaced with a cardboard one

Plastic lypsyl replaced with cardboard

Dishwasher tablets Individually wrapped in plastic replaced with tablets with dissolvable wrapper

Washing up liquid replaced with powder

Washing tablets individually wrapped in plastic replaced with powder

Cling film replaced with bees wax wraps

Shop with re-usable bags

Buy in bulk to save packaging

Buy fruit and veg from the market in your own containers

Washable nappies

Nappy sacs replaced with compostable ones. You can also get compostable wipes

Don’t use “throw away” products like paper plates or plastic cutlery

Check out Facebook groups for ideas and tips such as ‘Plastic-less Living

sustainable shopping

Check out BuyMeOnce for a more sustainable way to shop or FairPhone for when you next replace your mobile

Consider ethical sources of household items such as toilet paper and tissues - we use Whogivesacrap for church supplies who build toilets from profits too

Choose to shop local rather than online reducing delivery costs, packaging and carbon footprint and supporting the local economy

other things to consider

Look into where you put your money - does your bank or pension invest ethically?

Change your web browser to one which plants trees! Try Ecosia

We would love to add in any other tips you have tried or links to great websites or organisations you’d recommend.

Please contact us with any ideas we could add to this page.

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